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Creating a Luxury Bath

According to Kitchen and Bath Business, homeowners have higher expectations for their bathrooms than ever before. They want a luxurious spa-like space that’s a private oasis where they can feel like royalty or movie stars or part of the billionaire’s club. So what are the secrets to making a bath luxurious? 

Space: Getting ready for the day or an evening out is done in one large space, with separate sectors for bathing, grooming and dressing. Mirrors are floor- length and three-sided so that homeowners can see their outfits in detail from all angles. There should be plenty of storage to keep clothes and shoes looking their best including shelves to put shoes on display and cedar-lined drawers to fold fine cashmere and wool sweaters. There may also be a safe for storing valuables and jewelry, compartments. There is also often a climate- controlled storage area for evening gowns and tuxedos and fur coats.  

Privacy: A luxury master bath should be designed so that it’s inaccessible to any other rooms besides the master bedroom. It should flow naturally from the bedroom with similar design elements like moldings, paneled doors, color palettes, and modern, Parisian, minimalist or other interior design themes. “His and her” water closets are separate and may also include bidets for additional cleansing. Separate dressing areas also help keep the marital romance alive. 

Serenity: You’ll find most luxury baths in, or upper-tier magazines are done in soothing neutrals or soft colors that flatter skin tones, like gentle shades of water. There’s almost always a spectacular private view of the ocean, the mountains, or the grounds. You can see out, but no one can see you from the outside. Safe rooms are often part of the master suite because they can be easily plumbed, lit and locked tight by the homeowner. 

Task lighting: The lighting in luxury baths is designed to enhance the task at hand, so no ordinary overhead light fixture will do. Statement chandeliers are supported by natural daylight and glare-free lighting for shaving and makeup application. Lights should also be dimmable to help homeowners relax while they soak in the tub and listen to music through hidden speakers. 

Quality: Wealthy people choose designs that stand the test of time including high-quality metal fixtures, solid core doors, and fine wood, stone, and tile. They want emblems of luxury such as hand-made rugs, brass appointments and lots of undulating patterns in marble. They also want the latest in comfort, such as heated floors, soaking tubs, showers with seating, a table for packing clothes with luggage stored underneath, and a place to sit down in the dressing area to put on their shoes. 

Art: Luxury baths can house beautiful paintings, sculptures, antiques or artisan- created accessories such as towel holders, soap dishes, and vanity chairs. Make it your own curated space, as seen in

The future: Many luxury baths have features with a secondary purpose. Wider doorways, levers instead of knobs, zero-step showers, and textured flooring look great but also allow homeowners to gracefully age in place. 

You can incorporate many of these ideas to help you create a luxury bath, no matter how much space you have. Meanwhile, buy yourself some fluffy new bath sheets, light the candles and dim the lights for a long soak in the tub. You’ll feel like a billion.