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Landscape Lighting for Beauty and Safety

Looking for a new way to put a shine on your drive-up appeal? By implementing the right kind of lighting fixtures and placing them strategically, you can make your home more attractive as well as safer. 

Step lightly

Whether you install the lights yourself or hire a landscape lighting expert, you’ll want to light walkways, entries, and features of your home such as verandahs, bay windows, gardens, and trees. Light layering with different types of lights, from LED to solar, can make your lighting more welcoming, with some areas lit more subtly than others. 

Light the path

The front entryway is the star of your home, from the walkway to the front door. One benefit of pathway lighting, is that the light cast on your walkway and any landscaping can radiate within a diameter of approximately four feet. 

Solar lighting is softer than wired lighting. Solar path and stake lights are ideal for walkways, but only if you get enough sun during the day to power them for use at night. To avoid that airplane “runway” look, stagger the lights on either side of the footpath. 

Create a curving flower garden or groundcover and continue the lights around the bed. This will help lead the eye to other features of your home. Pick a style that will show in the daylight that complements other fixtures such as what you use on the front door. 

Knock, knock

Starting with the front door, there are many options on the market that will make your home an exciting visual experience for you and your visitors. Start your searches at places like for wall mount or ceiling mount lanterns, barn lights, and more. You can also choose your lighting by paying an homage to the era your home was built-with an updated twist. For example, search online for “mid-century modern” for the classic ranch style home or “craftsman” for a Prairie style home. 

Beware of glare, and mount fixtures with frosted glass or use lower wattage light bulbs. 

Accent lighting

Lowe's suggests accent lighting to highlight a home's architecture and outdoor living spaces. Uplights, downlights, and well lights provide unique shadows and can bring architectural and landscaping features center stage.  Deck lights attach to the structure to cast ambient light onto the deck for easy navigation and you can also use them on steps to help prevent accidents.

Spot lights cast the most light, but they can be put low on the ground or high on a wall, or they can hang from the eaves of your home to focus on specific features. 

Good neighbor lighting

Like other man-made influences, lighting can impact your neighbors as well as the natural world. You may find some products endorsed by the International Dark-Sky Association, an organization that works to prevent light pollution, including glare, light trespassing into unintended areas, light confusion which impacts migrating birds, sea turtle egg-laying and growing cycles, and sky glow that emits unnatural light into the night sky. To reduce the negative impacts of light pollution, use outdoor lighting only where it’s needed, use dusk-to-dawn features, light sensors, timers and motion detectors. 

Outdoor lighting can make your home more attractive at night, but it can also make your home more attractive to future homebuyers. And that’s always a good investment.