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Bite-sized Spring Cleaning

Spring brings renewal - an opportunity to knock off the dust and soot that’s accumulated over the cold weather when we tend to stay mostly indoors. With warm weather around the corner, you may decide it’s time to deep clean your home. By using the right tips, you can make spring cleaning simpler, easier, and a little more fun. 

The jobs you’ll do for spring cleaning are the ones you know you haven’t done in ages like cleaning crown moldings and baseboards, steam-cleaning the carpet, polishing the floors, and washing windows, to name a few. The key to getting it all done is breaking these tasks down into manageable sizes. 

Let’s say you start with the kitchen. Make a list of specific tasks such as:  

1.Clean out the pantry. Throw out old pasta and canned goods that are out of date. 

2. Reorganize shelves so you can see every item easily.  

3. Clean/polish sinks, fixtures, and appliance fronts until they shine 

4. Clean out the refrigerator. Throw out opened containers that are out of date. 

5. Clean the oven. No more baked on crud that creates smoke when you bake! 

6. Clean out cabinets and drawers, so they’re not crowded with dishes or utensils you don’t use. 

Once those tasks are accomplished move on to other rooms. Put small tasks on your to-do list as well as big tasks like cleaning windows. Narrowing down your goals and knocking out a few little tasks will have a big impact on your living space and keep you motivated.  

You may prefer to do the same tasks all at once, such as clean under all the beds, or shampoo all the carpets, or clean closets one at a time. When all the closets are finished, move on to another task. 

How you organize your spring cleaning isn’t so important as simply staying motivated to get it done. How much work you need to put in on spring cleaning depends on how much work your home needs; some homes will take 3 hours to organize, and some will take 3 weeks. 

If spring cleaning seems daunting, remember that any effort you put toward it will be an improvement, and sometimes all it takes is improvement to stay motivated. Don’t give up; your list will keep you aware of where you’ve been and what’s been done.  It helps to accept that your home may take more than a day, so keep the finish line in mind.

The last step in your plan is figuring out how to get rid of all that stuff you don’t want or don’t use anymore. Depending on what you want to get rid of there are three basic options when dealing with unwanted junk- throw it away or recycle, sell it, or give it away/donate. Keeping stuff, you don’t want, or use isn’t an option. Check with neighbors, friends and family to see if they have any needs that your old stuff.  You may inspire them to spring clean, too!