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Rainy Day Projects for Sellers

Rain may postpone fun things you want to do outdoors, but it doesn’t have to dampen your day. Rainy days and weekends give you time to get a few things done around the house you may have been putting off. 

Spring clean. Dust all the blinds, wipe down the molding, and clean under the beds and furniture you haven’t moved in a while. Use a step stool to rid corners of cobwebs and to clean the inside of ceiling light fixtures. Get out the attachments to your vacuum and use them on the furniture. You’ll be surprised how much pet hair and popcorn kernels you’ll find. And you may even find that missing diamond ring!  

Organize your closets. Too much stuff in your closets says to homebuyers that you don’t have enough storage, so unless you’re extremely neat, you’re bound to have items you can sort through and get rid of. Create sections or piles to keep, throw away, and donate. Getting rid of clutter makes you feel good, makes your closets easier to use, and will save you time and effort when it’s moving time. 

Organize your kitchen. Start with the pantry and check the dates on cans and pastas. You’d be surprised how much old food needs to be thrown out. Do the same with your spice drawer. Create a donation pile of dishes, pots, pans, utensils, oven mitts, dishcloths, and other items you no longer use or want and load them into the car.  

Paint something. Get your house paint from the garage and touch up dings on the doors, stairs, cabinets and walls. Paint your front door so it looks fresh and inviting. Polish cabinet knobs and drawer pulls.  

Fix something. If you’re handy, it’s a good time to stop that leaky faucet, install that new dishwasher, replace that broken doorbell. 

Deep-clean something. The oven and toaster can collect baked-on food that needs to be cleaned out, or it may create a burning smell. The refrigerator can use a deep cleaning, too to get rid of spilled milk, sticky jam residue, and outdated foods. Most of the trays and bins can be easily washed in the kitchen sink. 

Recaulk edges and refresh old grout. If your kitchen and bath tile look worn and dated, it’s likely because your grout has eroded and cracked, and your caulk has shrunk and discolored. Just cleaning and scrubbing may not be enough. Dig out the old caulk, disinfect with an antifungal spray, and reline the edge with a caulk gun. Grout is a little trickier because the color is supposed to contrast or complement the tile and fixtures. You can match the color to the original. 

Every little bit you do can make your home more appealing to homebuyers.