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Think Like a Homebuyer

You’re about to sell your home, and you’ll be a step ahead if you put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. What does the buyer want? What’s the most they’ll pay for my home? How do they like to live? What paint colors are “in?” The answers to these questions will inform how you prepare and market your home for sale. 

Thinking like the homebuyer will make it easier on you emotionally and economically. You’ll be able to think objectively about your home instead of sentimentally. And you’ll likely make decisions that help you sell your home faster. 

Your job is to make your home appeal to the broadest range of buyers possible – singles, couples, young families with children, empty nesters, same-sex households, etc. Each of these buyers is highly individual, so consider the common threads among them. Most buyers want updated, move-in ready, attractive homes no matter what they can spend. They want a flexible seller to provide hassle-free non-confrontational negotiations. They want to either save money or get a deal and they don’t want to worry if they’re overspending on the home they’re buying.   

Ask your Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices network professional for the latest buyer hot buttons. They’ll show you how to warm up a modern home, and update and stage an old-fashioned traditional home. Today, décor is moving toward clean lines and uncluttered tabletops, so you know staging your home along this line will appeal to buyers. Fortunately, this trend complements many home styles, including Arts and Crafts, Mid-century Modern, and Contemporary.  

When buyers walk through a home, they don’t want distractions. This is the probably the biggest transaction of their lives so they don’t want to be shadowed by helicopter sellers or frightened by barking dogs. They don’t want to stub their toes or whack their knees on rooms too crowded with furniture. They want to take their time and consider carefully how they would live in this particular home. 

Buyers want to see the spaces used as the home’s design intended, , so stage the home to feel spacious, uncluttered, and neutral (because the wrong color can be really distracting.) That means your dining room isn’t attractive as a tabletop home office. Take your laptop off the table, put the dining chairs back around it, and stage the table with placemats, napkins and dishes, as if you were having someone over for dinner. Rooms being used for multiple purposes confuses buyers, so make that spare bedroom your new office, and move the bedroom furniture out. 

Last, but not least, buyers want honest information, so the more you make available to them, the better. Have copies of flyers, a list of updates that you’ve done, and seller’s disclosures visible.    

The goal is to sell fast and for the most money which will happen faster when you think like a buyer.