Packing for Your Move

Deciding what to pack when you’re moving isn’t easy. However, if you follow these simple suggestions, packing to move and unpacking to move into your new home will be much easier.

Declutter: Decluttering serves two purposes. It makes it less expensive for you to move because you’re not paying freight to move things you no longer need or want. Second, less clutter makes your home show better to homebuyers. A good rule of thumb is to group items into no more than three categories - Keep, Donate, and Throw Away. Add a “Sell” category if you have time to pack and ship the items. 

Organize: Use good packing materials, including sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, and paper, especially if you’re doing the packing and not the moving company. Clearly label the boxes according to the rooms where they’ll be moved. Provide your movers with copies of a simplified floorplan, so they don’t have to stop and ask you where this or that box goes.

Think ahead: Remember that the movers, though they are professionals, get tired and that’s when accidents happen.  Keep boxes under 50 pounds whenever possible. Put heavier items in smaller boxes to reduce bulkiness, and lighter items in larger boxes with proper labeling like “topload.”

Insure your move: Contact your homeowner’s insurance carrier about coverage for moving and riders for valuables. Your mover can provide either released value insurance (about $0.60 per pound of goods lost or damaged), according to or the full replacement value.

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