Talking Real Estate

October 2020 edition


How Fast Does Equity Build During Homeownership?

Building equity in your home is like a savings account – the more you put toward it, the better. Your home’s equity grows with each mortgage payment you make and with time.


What Post-Covid Buyers Seek in Their Next Home

What do post-covid buyers want in their next home purchase? The pandemic has changed what is needed and what buyers are willing to compromise on.


Making Gutters Usefully Beautiful

Today’s gutters are far from the boring half-pipe gullies of the past. You can choose gutters in an array of sizes, materials and designs that add style and value to your home.


What Makes A House Seem Spooky?

Halloween may be nearing, but a spooky house won’t sell. Top 5 ways to turn a creepy house into the home of your dreams.