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Four Reasons to Consider Moving to Mansfield, MA

Mansfield’s Attractive Cost of Living
Mansfield is an attractive destination for those looking for an affordable place to call home. Home prices in the area are relatively low compared to other areas in Massachusetts, with a median home value of $358,000. Additionally, utility costs and transportation costs are also relatively low in Mansfield, making it an ideal place to live if you're looking for great bang for your buck.
Mansfield is a Friendly Community
The town of Mansfield is known for its diverse population and tight-knit community. Many residents say they love the friendly atmosphere in the town, and it's easy to get involved in different clubs or groups that best meet your interests or needs. The town’s mayor often hosts conversations with residents right at their homes to see how the town can improve their living situation even further. It's a great place for anyone looking for a much more personal way of life compared to larger cities!
Mansfield’s May Activities
Despite its small size, Mansfield offers lots of opportunities to have fun. In the summertime enjoy days spent fishing at Five Mile Pond or boating on Mashpee Pond where you could spot wildlife like turtles and ducks migrating across the water’s surface. Or explore local history by visiting some of Mansfield’s many historical landmarks like Dean Estate Pine Hill Cemetery and Chauncey Barnes Tavern House. You can even go apple picking at local farms like Kimball Fruit Farm!
Mansfield’s Well Known Schools
Mansfield is known for its excellent schools – earning highly rated scores on many state educational tests! Not only do students receive a high quality education but they also have access to after school activities such as musical theater, basketball teams, track teams and more! The wide array of extracurricular activities available makes Mansfield a great option for parents seeking quality education options for their children!