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Four Great Things about Living in Wrentham, MA

Wrentham Community Spirit
Wrentham is known for its tight knit community of families, businesses, and long time residents. This quaint rural town maintains a friendly atmosphere and vibrant spirit which supports the local culture and attracts visitors. The town also offers an array of events each year, such as a yearly country fair and Christmas tree lighting, that help bring people together.
Wrentham’s School System
Wrentham is part of the King Philip Regional School District which has excellent educational opportunities for students of all ages. There are four different schools in the district providing academic enrichment as well as extracurricular activities to enhance learning outside the classroom.
Entertainment in Wrentham
Just on the border of Wrentham lies Gillette Stadium which houses both the New England Patriots football games and UMass Lowell basketball games throughout the year. For more active entertainment, there is Lake Pearl with great fishing spots, trails to hike or bike around, and canoe rentals available during warmer months.
Wrentham’s Natural Surroundings
Those who live in or visit Wrentham are surrounded by nature whether it's open fields or dense forests with nearby rivers to explore or camp in during summer months. Additionally there are multiple state parks with views of stunning mountains and lots of outdoor activities to take advantage of when weather allows for it!