If Home Feels Too Big ... Let's Go - Let's Get You Home

If home feels too big, let’s get you a smaller one or one with less maintenance. Our experienced agents have the expertise and the tools, such as our When it's time to downsize brochure,  to help you sell your current home and get you a new one that fits just right. 

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get"
Warren Buffett
Berkshire Hathaway Inc., Chairman and CEO

Downsizing by Design

Allow our Real Estate Trusted Advisors to help you answer the questions you may be having. Will the property allow you eough space to accommodate your needs? How can you utilize spaces in multiple ways? What are the tax ramifications of downsizing? How do you prepare yourself to move away from a family home filled with memories? With help in answering these and other questions, please contact one of our experienced agents.

Downsizing? Keep these tips in mind.


Tax Considerations

You may wish to consult with your tax adviser to understand all of the tax ramifications of selling a more expensive home while purchasing a home of lesser value.

Packing and unpacking before moving in

Tips on Downsizing

Leaving a home filled with a lifetime of memories can be emotionally stressful. It is for this reason that having an experienced real estate agent who can help you assess your lifestyle objectives, needs, and timing is a crucial first step.

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