5 wellness trends shaping luxury home design

While unequivocally boosted by the pandemic, the demand for in-home wellness amenities has been steadily increasing for years now. We’re slowly but surely being ushered into a new era of self-care—and properties are being designed and remodeled accordingly, with spaces dedicated to improving mental and physical health. Let’s take a look at some of the wellness amenities currently popular in luxury homes.

Dedicated meditation and yoga rooms

When building a new habit, it’s important to find a space where you can feel comfortable and undisturbed—especially when that new habit involves improving mental health. 

Spaces set aside for practices such as meditation and yoga have soared in popularity, giving people the room and privacy they need to reset, recharge, and prepare for what the day will bring.

Idyllic tranquility gardens

The desire to be outdoors is another trend linked to the pandemic, whether that’s for entertaining groups of friends or family, or taking a few minutes to yourself. 

Tranquility gardens are personal sanctuaries where one can escape from the drama of daily life. The best are kept simple to avoid overstimulation, have plenty of seating and shade, and include a water feature to add to that sense of serenity. 

Rooftops are becoming increasingly popular for tranquility gardens due to their seclusion from the rest of the property. They are especially sought-after in urban areas where outside space is limited. 

Reinvigorating saunas

After a tough workout session, there aren’t many better feelings than spending a few minutes getting your sweat on in the sauna. 

There are many purported health benefits to regular sauna sessions, including easing back pain, clearing skin pores, and boosting muscle strength. 

For the ultimate luxury amenity, consider installing an infrared sauna. These heat up your body from the inside (as opposed to traditional saunas that heat you up from the outside), which has further potential medical benefits and means the room doesn’t get as hot: anyone who enjoys the idea of a sauna in theory but struggles with the intensity, take note.

Wellness technology 

As technology continues to play a greater role in our lives, the intersection of wellness and technology is becoming an exciting place for innovation. 

Bathrooms and gyms are two areas where wellness tech is really taking off. Smart steam showers are available that are activated through your phone or virtual assistant app, as well as interactive, bathroom-friendly flatscreens, and systems that deliver various sound, light and hydrotherapies to help you relax easier and recover quicker. 

Top physical health trends

It’s well documented that prioritizing your physical health can work wonders on your mental health and overall wellness. 

While the likes of tennis courts and swimming pools have always been popular on luxury estates, it’s pickleball courts and climbing walls that are the most in-demand sports amenities this year. 

Again, technology is fast changing the way we think about physical health. Virtual training programs using full-length mirrors are a great way to get that in-person workout class feel without having to leave the home, while the current popularity of golf simulators is proving that you don’t need to trek over to the driving range to perfect your swing.