The Innovator—Pablo Rivas’ Vision for Spain’s Ultra-Luxe Real Estate Market

Meet Pablo Rivas, a visionary entrepreneur and educator who is driving his attention to real estate co-ownership after leaving an indelible mark on the world of education with his groundbreaking initiative, Global Alumni. 

Recognizing the need to transform higher education and bridge the gap between technology and learning, with Global Alumni Rivas has empowered professionals worldwide, preparing them for success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. But now, with a new passion on the horizon, Rivas sets his sights on revolutionizing the real estate industry through the concept of co-ownership (or fractional ownership) in the uber-luxury end of the market in Spain.

The world of co-ownership stemmed from a simple yet powerful insight: the underutilization of vacation properties. On average, second homes are used for a mere 3% of the year, leaving these properties vacant for over 11 months. While some owners turn to renting to offset costs, the process often involves various issues and expenses, leaving the home empty for a significant portion of the year.

Rivas saw a way to address this inefficiency by implementing co-ownership as a solution. The concept revolves around multiple individuals owning a percentage of a property and sharing usage rights. Fractional ownership allows the cost of an expensive asset, like a vacation property, to be divided among several co-owners. While this model has been applied to properties for years, Rivas envisions expanding its reach to revolutionize the way we approach real estate ownership.

At the core of Rivas' vision lies 50 Homes, a cutting-edge company that offers full management of co-owned vacation properties. Rivas intends on acquiring 50 luxury properties in Marbella, Ibiza or Majorca and implementing fractional ownership in each. Spain offers unique features as a world tourist destination because of its Mediterranean climate, high levels of safety, and modern transport infrastructure that connects the main international inbound centers (like Madrid, Barcelona, Palma, or Malaga) with final tourist destinations. 

Villa Jazmín (see photos), an exquisite hideaway nestled in the heart of the Marbella, will lead the way as the first to be offered under Rivas' fractional ownership model. This 10-bedroom property exudes extraordinary design and attention to detail, providing sprawling living areas, luxurious furnishings, and panoramic views of the five-star Real Club de Golf Las Brisas. Impeccably decorated with modern design and a hint of Asian influence, the home boasts comfortable lounges, a cinema room, indoor and outdoor pools, its own gym, and stunning terraces designed to offer tranquil escape. 

As part of 50 Homes’ co-ownership model, owners will be able to rent out Villa Jazmin when it’s unoccupied, and the company will oversee rental management at the price stipulated by the owner, with rental income returned through either deducting the monthly maintenance fee or via an invoice issued by 50 Homes.

Unlike other companies offering fractional ownership, 50 Homes seeks to elevate the co-ownership experience to an unparalleled level of exclusivity. A code of conduct will ensure a premium experience for all Villa Jazmín owners, inviting a select group of discerning individuals who value quality, luxury, and unique experiences above all else.

50 Homes' value proposition will go beyond the usual real estate asset co-ownership, providing buyers access to an exclusive club for the best vacation experience during their well-deserved break. The vision is to have a portfolio of 50 properties worth €1 billion in different exclusive locations, with 250 owners who could potentially swap vacation periods among them.

"The partnership with 50 Homes was a natural choice for us. Their innovative approach to the traditional fractional ownership model, combined with our local expertise and global reach, sets no boundaries for the growth of this business venture," said Ugo Bagration, the business development director at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Marbella, the brokerage with exclusive listing rights on Rivas' properties.

Imagine the possibilities—owning a beautiful vacation home in your dream destination without the traditional hassles and costs. With 50 Homes, Rivas aims to disrupt the vacation property market, making it accessible to a wider range of enthusiasts and investors alike. This innovative model not only promises financial gains but also fosters a sense of community among co-owners, who share a common interest in their shared property.

“Most of our high-net-worth clients all seek one common denominator: simplicity,” Bagration added. “50 Homes offers just that, a 360-degrees, hassle free, integrated approach to luxury living in Spain.”

Inspired by the possibilities that fractional ownership presents, Rivas is now prepared to invest heavily in 50 Homes, taking this concept to different and exciting heights. Just as he reshaped the landscape of higher education, Rivas aspires to leave a lasting legacy by reshaping the way we think about real estate investment and fractional ownership in Marbella, and across Spain and Europe.